NFC East Plays Musical Chairs - NFL 2015 MNF 6

This important Monday Night Football matchup is important for not only the two teams playing but for the entire NFC. A win by the New York Giants keeps the Wild Card race at 10 games to qualify. Should the Philadelphia Eagles win, then it means that the winner of the NFC East might only get to 10 wins.

This will then open up the Wild Card race to struggling teams, ones with less than 3 wins. From a scoring standpoint, the Giants have been consistent, within the range of scoring 26 points and giving up 24 points.

Philadelphia's Offense is the enigma in this matchup. On defense, the Eagles stay around the 20-point mark. Offensively, they flutter with 24 points serving as the baseline.

These are two, relatively, equal teams where the Quarterback's play will determine the outcome, as both teams' weakness is pass defense.

The numbers break as Eagles (.737) to win by 4 points, and the Giants (.263) to win by 1 point.

With this one, consistency plays a big part. So, I take Giants (Over).  Pick wisely, and come back for Thursday's picks and enjoy this playlist.

Atlanta Falcoms - Fly Like An Eagle NFL 2015 TNF 6

Barring a major injury, the Atlanta Falcons are heading to the NFL playoffs. Whether they go as the division winner will not be decided for a few weeks because, just as the Falcons are undefeated at 5-0, the Carolina Panthers are 4-0.

On paper, their next real challenge will be against the Vikings in Week 12. The Falcons do not face the Carolina Panthers until Week 14. By then, it is conceivable, that the Falcons could be undefeated while the Panthers have 4 losses.

[For a breakdown on the numbers for tonight's game, go over to EvenMoney Sports.]

This season mirrors the 2012 season when the Falcons won their first 8 games, finished with a 13-3 record and lost in the NFC championship game.

Unlike that season, Atlanta has a new head coach (Dan Quinn) and the division will likely be contested until the matchup against the Carolina Panthers.

The Falcons also have to keep track of the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals when it comes to the number of wins needed to clinch home field throughout the playoffs.

For now, enjoy this short playlist/mix about flying above it all with a coach on his maiden voyage.

  1. Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle
  2. Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage
  3. Bernard Wright - Who Do You Love

Houston Texans - Desperate Times NFL 2015 TNF 5
The Houston Texans were picked to finish second in the AFC South division, a few games behind tonight's opponents, the Indianapolis Colts. A funny thing happened - the Colts are struggling this year, under the weight of expectations and an injury to starting Quarterback Andrew Luck.

While Matt Hasselbeck helped the Colts to a victory last week against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Luck's absence is good for the Texans.

[For a breakdown on the numbers for tonight's game, go over to EvenMoney Sports.]

As an expansion franchise, the Texans have made strides in many areas, but have yet to fully entrench a reputation as a hometown sports favorite.

An unexpected winning season that brings a division championship and playoff appearance can change that, but they have to take it one game at a time because these are indeed desperate times for the franchise.

For now, enjoy this short playlist/mix about giving it your all to claim what is yours.
  1. Charlie Robison - Desperate Times
  2. Randy Rogers Band - Buy Myself A Chance
  3. Fat Pat - Tops Drop

Seahawks, Legion in Bloom - NFL 2015 MNF 4

In tonight's Monday Night Football game, we find out what to expect from the Seattle Seahawks for the remainder of the season. Yesterday's St. Louis Rams' takedown of the Arizona Cardinals brought home the reality that division games are often a toss-up.

Seattle has a chance to be this decade's NFC dynasty team. To do so, it must dominate teams like the Detroit Lions in the manner least favored in today's NFL. The Lions should score no more than 14 points.

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Teams such as the Rams play the role of spoiler, beating divisional foes that teams outside the conference cannot, simply because they do not know them as well.

This fact puts the onus on the Seahawks to solidify their reputation, mainly on the defensive side, the way they showed in Week 3 against the Chicago Bears.

For now, think of hard hitting football and enjoy this short mix/playlist!

Steelers, Michael Vick: Keep On Moving - NFL 2015 TNF 4
The Steelers at home is a tough out for most teams. With the injury to starting Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (108-52; Super Bowl 2-1), many see this as the beginning of a slide.

Enter Michael Vick, a man with more lives and acts than a drawn out Broadway musical. Since 2004, the Steelers are 10-9 in games that Roethlisberger did not start.

[For a breakdown on the numbers for tonight's game, go over to EvenMoney Sports.]

The fact they have been over .500 is a testament to the organization and why they have won 6 Super Bowls. Vick and the Steelers will be facing a desperate Baltimore Ravens (0-3) team that suffered what was pretty much a season-ending defeat until the injury to Ben Roethlisberger.

If Michael Vick can maitain a .500 or better pace for the 4 to 6 weeks, then the Steelers will remain in the playoff hunt.

For now, enjoy this short playlist/mix about overcoming adversity and the doubters.

  1. Soul II Soul - Keep On Movin' 
  2. Alpha Blondy - Apartheid is Nazism 
  3. Big Tymers - You Can't Break Me

Alex Smith, Time 4 Sum Aksion - NFL 2015 MNF 3

Alex Smith, it is time for you to channel your inner Redman 'cause Tonight's Da Night.

In this corner we have what you promised to be
Star Quarterback that is hard enough
That he can throw a whole bunch of TDs
With no INTs, scramble for a first, without a block
Then turn around and do the same damn thing on First Down.
'cause Alex Smith should be pissed

'cause he's gotten coaches fired
'cause he couldn't maintain the starting job
Then got traded and might start the pattern all over again
but Alex Smith, it's TIME TO BLOW THEIR MIND
Give them a punch of the funk, knock all of their gold tooth loose

Tonight's the night where Alex Smith has to prove whether he has what it takes to be an elite Quarterback in the NFL. So far, his career has been one marked for a notch above the dreaded tag of "game manager".

[For a breakdown on the numbers and perhaps a final chance to save your weekend, go over to EvenMoney Sports.]

His stats show a consistent performer who is ready to take that next step. Unfortunately for Smith, his time with the Kansas City Chiefs, in the AFC West has coincided with that of Peyton Manning's with the Denver Broncos.

Focusing on tonight and the implications for a playoff berth: the Chiefs have to keep pace with the Broncos (3-0) and the Oakland Raiders (2-1).

Standing on their way is a man looking to redeem himself and the Green Bay Packers after a crushing defeat last season's NFC Championship game.

Aaron Rodgers stands in the way of any chance Alex Smith has to be that...

For now, do the Discount Double Check and enjoy this short playlist!
  1. Redman - Time 4 Sum Aksion (Uncut)
  2. Redman - Tonight's Da Night
  3. Redman - Blow Your Mind

What Has Eli Done For You Lately - NFL 2015 TNF 3

Used to be a time when you brought me rings

Used to brag about it all the time

Your fans seem to think that you're some elite QB

But my friends say C.R.E.AM. is what's on your mind
Who's right?

What Has Eli Done For You Lately? Having won two Super Bowls (seasons 2007 and 2011), Eli Manning has silenced most critics. Still there are many who do not think of him as an elite Quarterback who gets a pass for the bumps on the road of any athlete's performance.

[For a breakdown on the numbers for tonight's game: Redskins vs. Giants, go over to EvenMoney Sports.]

Many fans don't just want a winner. They also want a personality, a party boy, a scandal waiting to happen.

Eli doesn't give enough to talk about, so the only focus is whether he will repeat history, like a leap year, and win his third Super Bowl ring at the end NFL season 2015 (in February 2016).

For now, enjoy this short playlist about proving one's self after falling out of favor.
  1. Janet Jackson - What have you done for me lately?
  2. Robin S - Show Me Love
  3. Andy Grammer - Keep Your Head Up
  4. Drake -Try Harder

Can I Get A Jets Fan? - NFL 2015 MNF 2
Listen everybody, especially Jets fans

Is it right to keep rooting

While the team you love may never win?

They cheer too hard, my friends sometimes say

But I believe, I believe

That a home team should be loved that way

But it hurts them so inside

To see Jets treat them so unkind

Somebody, somewhere tell them it's unfair

Can I Get An Upset seems to be today's anthem! Who can blame the fans after looking at yesterday's results?

The truth is all Upsets are not created equal, meaning, do the following really qualify as such, especially when this is only the second week of the season: Browns, Vikings, Redskins, Jaguars?

[For a breakdown on the numbers and perhaps a final chance to save your weekend, go over to EvenMoney Sports.]

On the other side, the New York Jets square off against an Indianapolis Colts team that took a Week 1 beating from a team full of believers - the Buffalo Bills.

For now, my advice is don't press your luck and enjoy this short playlist!

Peyton's Last Rodeo - NFL 2015 TNF 2
He had played for the Colts for 14 seasons straight, coming home to a place he'd never been before.
He had won a Super Bowl, been the league's MVP thrice,
had so many passing records, but it all came at a price.
When he first came to the mountains, coming off surgery and his career hanging by a song.
His neck was nearly broken and he doesn't really care,
'cause greatness keeps changing, and it don't last for long.

...And the Colorado Rocky Mountain high might have reached its peak. Though no official word has come down, I've seen this play out before, as a superstar athlete begins a slow decline. Last week's performance coupled with the showing in his last playoff game against his former team, the Indianapolis Colts are the true indication that it's over - the days of Peyton Manning driving an offense to insurmountable heights.

[For a breakdown on the numbers for your office pool and the like, go over to EvenMoney Sports.]

Though his Passing numbers will likely be in the Top 10 for NFL Quarterbacks, look for a strong challenge for the division from tonight's opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the meantime, enjoy this short playlist to give Peyton Manning a great sendoff!

James Blake Takedown video by NYPD cop

"Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has apologized, saying Blake looks very similar to a guy who was a suspect in a credit card fraud case. Turns out that guy was innocent and the real suspect is still on the loose"  --TMZ

In other words, they're using the other guy as a front. There was no suspect. The cop profiled James Blake, hoping to run him to find something on him.

Patriots: "It Wasn't Me..." NFL 2015 TNF 1

Roger came in and he caught us red-handed
Deflating them playoff balls
Picture this, we were throwing bombs all over a soggy field.

How could I forget that this is week one of a new NFL season, one sure to be mired in controversy as the New England Patriots and star Quarterback Tom Brady take the field against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

[For a breakdown on the numbers for your office pool and the like, go over to EvenMoney Sports.

In the meantime, listen to this short playlist to understand though the Patriots have mastered the cheating game, they are not the only ones responsible for this debacle, as detailed in this ESPN article.