Can I Get A Jets Fan? - NFL 2015 MNF 2
Listen everybody, especially Jets fans

Is it right to keep rooting

While the team you love may never win?

They cheer too hard, my friends sometimes say

But I believe, I believe

That a home team should be loved that way

But it hurts them so inside

To see Jets treat them so unkind

Somebody, somewhere tell them it's unfair

Can I Get An Upset seems to be today's anthem! Who can blame the fans after looking at yesterday's results?

The truth is all Upsets are not created equal, meaning, do the following really qualify as such, especially when this is only the second week of the season: Browns, Vikings, Redskins, Jaguars?

[For a breakdown on the numbers and perhaps a final chance to save your weekend, go over to EvenMoney Sports.]

On the other side, the New York Jets square off against an Indianapolis Colts team that took a Week 1 beating from a team full of believers - the Buffalo Bills.

For now, my advice is don't press your luck and enjoy this short playlist!