Seahawks, Legion in Bloom - NFL 2015 MNF 4

In tonight's Monday Night Football game, we find out what to expect from the Seattle Seahawks for the remainder of the season. Yesterday's St. Louis Rams' takedown of the Arizona Cardinals brought home the reality that division games are often a toss-up.

Seattle has a chance to be this decade's NFC dynasty team. To do so, it must dominate teams like the Detroit Lions in the manner least favored in today's NFL. The Lions should score no more than 14 points.

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Teams such as the Rams play the role of spoiler, beating divisional foes that teams outside the conference cannot, simply because they do not know them as well.

This fact puts the onus on the Seahawks to solidify their reputation, mainly on the defensive side, the way they showed in Week 3 against the Chicago Bears.

For now, think of hard hitting football and enjoy this short mix/playlist!