April 2012 - “You had me at “hello”…”

Even though this issue of the newsletter deals with books and women, I found this movie quote most apropos when it comes to the nature of friendships forged. Do most of your friendships fall into the category listed in the subject line, or did they progress over time?

When you hear that someone works as an “Agent” of any kind, trust that they not only work hard; they also love what they do and for whom they labor: you! Though I would love for my fellow wordsmiths to submit their work to Regina for consideration; first: please check out her website and see which of the many authors she represents have written a book that you would like to read.

Odessa Rose - Novels: Water in a Broken Glass; and In The Mirror
We met through the slush pile and over countless editorial sessions, we got to know one another. I find Odessa to be one of the last holds of the traditional virtues, not just in writing but the way she cherishes loyalty when it comes to those who have committed to love each other. Her first novel, ‘Water’, is slowly being included on a myriad of reading lists that are shared by other strongholds of literature. And, she matches those expectations with her second novel.

Shahmet Gordon - Poetry: Spirit Song (the lyrics of my heart)
“By the power of Grayskull”…Oh, I meant, “by the power of Facebook” we reconnected. I hadn’t seen her since the mid-80’s, after I graduated high school. The next sighting, she was on stage, coming from the heart with some of the most touching poetry I had heard in years. Just when I had given up on open mics, finger snaps, and the other trappings that I felt had detoured poetry from its course, where one can sit alone and truly understand the words on the paper, as well as on the stage…Now you too can share that moment via her first collection.