May 2012 – Your Vacation Mindset

Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend have been programmed in our brains as summer’s true date range. We look forward to vacation season all year-long. Depending on how you vacation can make or break friendships and relationships.

Cancun Days
We took this type of vacation and some of us still do. We set out to test out our Daredevil mentality by snorkeling and/or scuba diving, even though we cannot swim. Some become “super tourists” and want to trek way out into the country side and/or take tours to go see the ruins. And, others just want to lounge poolside or go play beach volleyball until it’s time for Senor Frog’s.

Do you see where I’m going with this? YES, ALABAMA!

"ALABAMA IS LIVE LIKE THAT"? (NSFW Video, vacation at the 1:40 mark)
No, this is not a putdown on Alabama and all of you ‘bamas! I’m talking about how the stand-up comedienne Sommore broke down the vacation mindset in a very NSFW (not safe for work) routine that you really should find on youtube. She basically explains why and how some are able to simply enjoy vacation just for what it is, no matter where they go.

This word first made its way into the urban lexicon as a way of saying “ends did not meet so I’m stuck here” while my friends are in South Beach for Memorial Day Weekend. But, now it is commonplace to hear soccer moms using it because it means that hubby is at work and the kids are in school, and I have two weeks to dream about what life would be had I (fill in the blanks). In all seriousness, a Staycation is one of, if not, the best ways to test your vacation mindset, especially if you live in a place like New York City, DC, Alabama... ;)…

Do people pay big bucks to come to your city? Why not enjoy your home city like a vacationer, not just during your staycation, but on a regular basis? Whether you’re into visiting the sights, doing daredevil stuff, or simply lounging poolside at the W, enjoy vacation season, set your mind to vacation and live that life.

Your next vacation
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