June 2012 – Commitment Requirements

Internally there are variables that determine why we commit to something or someone. Most times we are not even aware of the reason. Take for example, dating and romantic relationships. It never dawned on me that I had some basic yet very rigid requirements when it came to women.

“The 3 C’s”
Until one day, I was watching this Indie flick, whose name totally escapes me. But, to paraphrase the main actors were chit-chatting and one broke it down that for him to get serious, the other person had to have The 3 C’s: Car, Crib and Cable. And if (he or) she cooks, then you marry.

A year later, I was engaged to be married! I mean those weren’t the only qualifications. But having those variables in place really helped narrow down the field. Before then, I did not know why I stopped dating women who lived in The Bronx and beyond. Think about it, if The 3 C’s are not in place, what are we going to do on a Tuesday night? #blank stare

This whole notion came to mind because, though I never romanticized the whole starving artists mantra, I definitely resisted becoming a “suit” even while working corporate. I always had my writing, my passion as my side hustle, putting in major hours, remaining committed.

But, how committed was I? Was I as committed as this guy? Esteban Tino Romero


I was. There are many ways to be committed, to show commitment. The best way is to work so hard that failure is not an option. This does not mean you will reach the quantitative goal that determines an outsider’s or even your definition of success. But, as long as you reach the qualitative one that states, “you did your best” then you’re a success. You were committed, and for this I applaud you!

These three comedians I knew long before they ever took the stage but they always brought good cheer to those around them. I am going to provide the facebook pages I have for them so you can link with them on FB to keep track of their next performances.

To catch some clips, go to youtube.com and search their names:

Stacey Killings
Dante' Nero.