January 2013: You Need More People

 [Second in a series, to show my appreciation for New Day Slang]

This phrase basically calls to task what one sees as false bravado, claims and tales. The complete saying is, “we don’t believe you, you need more people”. #Jay-Z…as taken from one of his songs. From there it has sprung a life of its own, as most negative sayings tend to do. I have an affinity for it because of the first time I heard it. One guy claimed he would do bodily harm to another, and the response was, YNMP!

Another favorite use is for those people who tell tall tales that could have only happened in Vegas. Guess what? YNMP!

In learning and wanting to get away from a negative mindset, I now find that it is time to reframe “you need more people” to a positive saying. I think back to my high school, teenage years when we really had more people. On any given day, no less than nine of us met up to do the simplest thing, such as going to the local bodega for chips, the arcades, and definitely any party one of us received an invite.

There was one kid in the group who, at times, would return from a function or any locale with a fantastical version of something you might have experienced with him. Since we did not have YNMP as a saying, we rarely called him on his exaggerations, nor did we ever really support his claim. We never really understood why and what he could have been experiencing. He truly needed more people!

He was not a liar or a dreamer, in the negative sense of the word. His mind saw beyond the surface of things and he needed us, his people, to help him get to that next level where we could have been having Vegas-style fun. Do you know anyone like that? Who when you ask them to go fishing, she wants to buy a yacht? Well, your friend needs more people! If you are a friend, then help her build that team, that club, that coalition to make these big ideas a reality.

This month, I bring you two friends who are part of so many people’s teams. I have never heard their name mentioned and the person did not offer how great a friend each was.

Mia Clarke Pollard

Diogenes Linares, Jr.