February 2013: What Have You Learned

One day while writing, my mind conjured up a phrase, “it’s not what you’ve been taught but what you’ve learned…” In hindsight, I recognize it as a riff off Rakim’s “It’s not where you from / It’s where you’re at.”

Utilizing a macro-lens, both statements, personal philosophies can be debated and with various parties ending with a correct viewpoint. But, if one focuses on the end result of each statement, then how does one go about reconciling “where he is” and “what she has learned”.

These past few months I have had many opportunities to think about formal education and what one is supposed to learn and therefore achieve with the education.  For simplicity’s sake, why and how is it that everyone is taught the same thing (the 3 R’s) yet each person learns something entirely different?

Though I concede environment serves as the filter which determines how we apply knowledge learned, I do wonder whether seeing the end result, i.e. the achievement of others serves as the primary determinant of what we learn.

For the most part, the most educated person does not make the most money; the hardest working people don’t hold the highest positions; and success tends to be more of who you know rather than what you know. If you mostly agree with the previous statement, how does that hinder you when acquiring future knowledge or tackling a job?

“Nothing really matters!” #laurynhill… is an approach with two disparate heads. One end is zen-like where I am looking internally, guided by faith that it will work out in the end. The other extreme is to look outward at the chaos and the apathy and feeling like no amount of effort can change the inevitable.

So my friends, on life’s journey, what have you learned?

This month, I bring you two friends who remind me that it does matter. Their personality draws you to them as individuals and the work they do rounds it out with true compassion and passion. Please visit their respective website to learn more.

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