September 2013: You Ain’t About That Life!

[Third in a series, to show my appreciation for New Day Slang]

Do you know the meaning of flawless? It is hard to know the meaning of something which you have never experienced, particularly if it does not exist. I felt this way until about four years ago, up until the day I learned this phrase: You Ain’t About That Life!

As with most things in life, we learn of them through a negative lens or interaction. Someone was claiming moxie that was a bit extra and one of his confronters told him, “You know you ain’t about that life”. Two things make this phrase flawless, at least for me: (1) its meaning is clear; you do not need a dictionary, a thesaurus or your neighborhood hood dude to decipher; and (2) it covers both spectrums: the positive and the negative, hence the phrase does not need to be reframed.

For a clear exposition, check out this filmmaker (Carl H. Seaton) whose work I recently enjoyed:

I will now use the phrase to make a sweeping generalization: none of us are about that life, any life we are claiming. Most of our life is just pure hogwash, fiction. Seriously, what was your last original thought? Tell it to me and I will google it and show you it was created centuries – or more – ago.

Of course we should not set out to recreate the wheel on a daily basis. We should model ourselves, our careers after someone, some category. But, imagine that every thought you ever have had, you read or heard somewhere! Slowly each day you chose the script you are acting: comedy, travelogue, Dilbert, the number 752, or being one of the great ones.

See, I can follow and be about that life, “the great ones”. It comes down to your own truth, your passion. If we can acknowledge that - at minimum - 90% of the life we lead is fiction, then we can jettison the false bravado and just focus and be about that true life: Being a great one!

Two More great ones
Above I introduced a filmmaker making the works that try to set us on the right path. Along with him, I now link you to two others who need your support as they tell your story. Visit and “LIKE” their page on Facebook.

wilkie cornelius, director of single hills