August 2013: Your Philosophy of Equality

Equality is a flawed concept. Most people think of equality as being synonymous with being equal as in 2 + 2 = 4, and 3 + 1 = 4; therefore 2 + 2 = 3 + 1 = 4. For equality to exist, your philosophy has to match that of the next person, as it relates to the transitive property.

The best way to define yours is to trek down this road, illustrated by a relationship between a man and woman. She earns $80K per year and he earns $40K per year. Their relationship is in its infancy. They are trying to go from single, to dating, to “it’s complicated” and to hopefully reach marriage.

In this situation, before any steps are taken the couple has to agree what amount they will put into the pot, to finance their union. They have to determine whether equality is measured in raw numbers or in percentages. When financing their union:

Case A:  Do they contribute an equal amount, as in $40K each. This puts them as living an $80K lifestyle. She still has $40K remaining, while he has $0 remaining. Are they equal?

Case B: Do they contribute an amount that leaves them with the same remaining balance? This means to achieve an $80K lifestyle, she contributes $60K and he puts in $20K. They will end up with $20K remaining. Are they equal?

Case C: Do they contribute all (100%) of their means to finance a $120K lifestyle, and both end up with $0 remaining? Are they equal?

So, at the end of the day, as a joined unit, you have $120K at your disposal. How much of it are you willing to put into the pot so you can move forward – together? That is your philosophy of equality.

The following people have shown through their words, deeds and works to be enlightened, in the sense that if charged with building a better society, they would get it done to everyone’s content.

We met through mutual friends when I first moved to Maryland. One of the first things I noted about her was how she reminded me of the "thorough" sisters I met in undergrad. Her vibe was family and community, and she extended an invitation to Thanksgiving that first year in town. Please check out her site featuring Ethnic Vegan Recipes and show support.

One of the greatest joys of work is the people you meet. That is why I always treasure my years in publishing. I met Ian when he submitted his book on Yoga and Travel for consideration. What I read and the correspondence we shared during this period opened my world view more than I anticipated or noticed until afterward. Please journey over to this site to learn more about his teachings in Yoga and reach out to him.