July 2013: Dead End Street

Life is a dead end street. What is your next move? I often hear people use “dead end” as the reason to stop doing something. It ranges from jobs, first dates, marriage, etc… Oh wait, marriage is the second longest dead end street, only to life; at least, that is how U.S.-style traditional marriage was structured.

You were supposed to meet someone, love him, have children with her, and then die. Isn’t that romantic? I think it is. 
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I’ve been intrigued with dead end streets ever since living off one, near Avenue H and Ocean Avenue in Brooklyn. One block away was a street we rarely ventured but every once in a while, we’d play “army tag” or touch football there. Beyond the “dead end” sign were train tracks.

Yes, I’m from the other side of the tracks. #humor…Later in life, I found these types of streets to be romantic – rainy night, full moon, a street lamp thirty yards away, casting a light shadow as whispers turn into…a point that, the dead end sign you see might take you a decade or more to get there. What lies on the road are treasures to be picked up. Once the sign gets closer into view, drive a little slower, park your car, plant your flag – Claim it! as your own.

Starting over and U-turns are part of life but understand that all roads circle back to your destiny; and all roads end even before you die.

Life’s Treasures
Continuing with the theme of people I’ve met over the years and who are fulfilling their life’s mission, I bring you three friends I don’t see as much anymore.

College days, a few years and dorms separated us but I always knew Elliott to be one of those people you never overhear a cross word about. Our paths intersected during our Howard University graduate school days. He was in the Law School, and is now doing life coaching and other inspirational work, that can shine a light in your life. 

Those years I lived in the DC-Metro Area helped me mature in leaps and bounds, particularly being open to new friendships. Before then I had a popular saying that I’d already met all my friends by college. Ron and I share the same passion and conviction but through different lenses, yet our endings (decisions, conclusions) align. He is the President of REB Sports League. Give him a shout or pass his link to a friend residing in the DMV.

Gigi James
We met through books and have remained friends through humor. I’m slowly working on getting her to lean left a bit more. What I most admire about Gigi is her wit, which is not for the sensitive, but the sheer brilliance that it cuts to the matter at hand. Read her book: I Didn't Sign Up For This!