May 2013: The BIG PAYDAY!

Copyright by MarkyBon

Do you play the lottery (Lotto, Powerball) or any of its variations? Late last month I wondered why I do not play the lottery. In the early 1990s, I committed to playing after hearing Nas’s flawless lyrical line, “That buck that bought the bottle could’ve struck the Lotto”. So profound yet filled with irony that I purchased my first lottery tickets at the corner liquor store, but I digress to what has circled my mind these past few weeks.

I am a person who believes in incremental gains yet I shun hierarchy. The very thought of somehow spending one to thirty or more dollars per week to hopefully make millions is a foreign concept. I don’t see the lottery as gambling because with most gambling games, one develops a strategy linked to outcomes.

I do not consider “756” three ways a strategy, nor do I playing the same six numbers for decades. Yet it is a path I have decided to walk, either starting as a New Year’s resolution in 2014 or as early as next week.

My goal is not to implement this new strategy as some sort of self-analysis, but simply live the motto: You’ve got to be in it to win it!


Life has many lotteries and when it comes to brotherhood and friendship, I have won many times over, starting with my biological, to friendships formed and fraternity.

Responsible and present for many of my life’s shining moments, a decade ago, he told me to start my sales career in real estate. Of course I did not listen, as he remained steady on this path where the knowledge he has gained and imparted is being rewarded. please show appreciation for his real estate business.

This is one of the many men I know whom I have never heard any other person state a cross word against. A true brother by the score, former roommate and overall supporter, please show appreciation for his endeavors at Two Shot Productions.