April 2013: How Do Others See you?

“How others see you is a reflection of themselves”! Though somewhat true, it has that Pee Wee Herman, “I know I am but what are you?” vibe to it. I will cut to the chase and tell you that others cannot see you because you are hiding behind a mask.

Trust me, that is a good thing! People hear “masks” and automatically think phoniness, and not the reasons people use masks, even without knowing. People wear masks because life is a war, a series of little ones we fight with ourselves and others. First thing you do in the morning after washing is apply makeup or lotion (war paint) and select your armor (clothes).

Wearing our various masks allows us to make the moves we need to make in order to reach our ultimate goal. Our destination requires us to ally with other people. People you meet expect you to don certain masks in order to open doors for you. These doors lead into their lives. Some want “happy face”, “serious face”, “desperate face”…you get my drift, right?

So, which doors do you want to pass through and which masks will you wear?

This month, I bring you friends I’ve never met in person. These writers have had great impact on my life, philosophy and writing.

This poet’s influence is insurmountable, particularly his poem, “We wear the mask”. This particular piece stayed with me to the point where my first completed work is entitled, “The Masks of Flipside”.

His novel “1984” brought an unknowing discomfort to many, in that we know we are never alone.


It is hard to select a favorite from her, but “Beloved” has had the most impact on my writing.

Though I’ve enjoyed many of his novels, his writings as Richard Bachman have stayed with me the longest, particularly, “The Long Walk”.